Welcome to the new distance learning platform designed and realised by Enea Usability Lab.
The new platform is based on the 4 th generation Matrix technology, which introduces new tools to ease the management of the users, of the courses and of the educational contents.
Matrix has been wor  ...continue
Pay services
Besides the free courses which are available for anybody, ENEA offers a series of pay services which support the didactics and integrate the online training offer. Demands must be submitted to the FAD secretary (email fad@enea.it)

The first version of the distance learning system on the Web was shown by ENEA in 1997. We are now at the 4 th version and we are working on the 5th, which will be innovative for both the e learning contents and the way it will be used: it will based on asynchronous and synchronous communication too  ...continue
Our training provision includes more than 140 courses which, though being created for students, teachers, workers ( especially in Small and Medium Enterprises- SMEs) and Public Administration emplyeees, can also be attended by those who want to broaden their knowledge. The courses:
Enea gives the opportunity, thanks to agreement and free of charge, to Universities, Schools and training organizations to use the on-line courses on the FAD platfrom to implement their educational offer. For further information please contact: fad@enea.it
NetLesson NetSeminar
NetLesson and netseminar
They are two sections of the courses where it is possbile to find multimedia materials integrating the lessons and making them easier.
Netlesson is a video-communication system aimed at the management and the dissemination of lessons on the net. The system is base  ...continue